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At MyStayGuide, we understand the unique needs of the hospitality industry. Our tailored solutions are designed to streamline operations, enhance guest satisfaction, and boost business growth. With user-friendly tools and dedicated support, MyStayGuide empowers hosts to thrive in a competitive market. Let us guide you to success.

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Cost Savings

Streamlining Hospitality Support, Cutting Costs, and Boosting Growth

By providing seamless, instant responses to guests’ inquiries, MyStayGuide significantly reduces customer support tickets, allowing hosts to cut down on the need for numerous support agents and operational hours. This not only saves time but also reduces operational costs, enabling hosts to redirect their energy toward strategic business growth initiatives.

Give your guests the best possible experience

The world has become so fast paced that people don’t want to stand by reading a page of info.

AI-Powered Guest Communication

Seamlessly engage with guests through AI Chatbots through your Property Info Apps, reducing operational hours and enhancing guest interactions.

Streamline the check-in/out process to ensure prompt and accurate communication for guests, as well as smooth transitions for property managers.

Customizable Informational Apps

Customize Property Info Apps with essential information, widgets, photos, and various interactive elements to ensure guests have all the necessary information at their fingertips. Easily access them through a simple scan of a QR code or by visiting a link, with no downloading required.

Comprehensive Property Knowledge Base

Tailor your AI's property knowledge base with crucial details like Wi-Fi info, house rules, safety instructions, and local guides for a great stay. Include user manuals for complex systems like appliances to provide all necessary information.

Digital Guidebooks and QR Code Integration

Enhance the guest experience by uploading user manuals to MyStayGuide, forming digital guidebooks with thorough details on room amenities and appliance usage. Create QR codes for each guidebook to facilitate easy access, monitor scans, and receive detailed reports.


“Since implementing MyStayGuide, our guest communication has become more efficient, leading to a 40% reduction in support tickets and a 30% increase in positive guest reviews. MyStayGuide has truly transformed the way we manage our properties.”

— Milla , Property Manager

Solving Hospitality Headaches,

Empowering Hosts for Business Success

From guest inquiries to check-out procedures, MyStayGuide addresses the pain points of traditional guest management, allowing hosts to focus on strategic business growth initiatives. Say goodbye to constant guest inquiries and hello to a thriving, scalable business in the hospitality industry.

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