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We help hosts streamline guest communication and property information access with AI Chatbots and customizable Property Info Apps for enhanced efficiency and guest satisfaction.

☑️ Save Time ☑️ Reduce Guest Inquiries ☑️ Done-For-You Service

Property managers often struggle with the time-consuming task of addressing numerous guest inquiries and providing comprehensive property information.

Imagine constantly fielding guest questions about check-in procedures, local recommendations, and property amenities. Each inquiry eats into your valuable time and resources, potentially leading to guest dissatisfaction and negative reviews. Additionally, the hassle of updating physical guidebooks and the limitations of traditional communication methods can further exacerbate the challenge.

MyStayGuide offers a comprehensive solution by providing AI Chatbots and Property Info Apps. These tools empower property managers to streamline guest communication, offer instant access to property information, and reduce the burden of repetitive inquiries. With our digital guidebooks and interactive maps, hosts can provide guests with all the necessary details in one convenient place, freeing up time and resources for strategic business growth.

Smooth Guest Experience & Operational Efficiency

Seamless Guest Communication

Our AI Chatbots enable instant responses to guest inquiries, reducing the need for manual communication and streamlining guest interactions. Always live and operational 24/7!

Instant Property Info Access

Easily provide guests access to your Property Info Apps via link or QR code. Informs them with essential property details, local spots, and how-to guides, enhancing their overall experience and satisfaction.

Personalized Guest Experience

MyStayGuide allows hosts to customize and tailor the guest experience, offering personalized recommendations, local insights, and local affiliate offers, creating a unique and memorable stay for guests.

Done-For-You Service

Our project managers take care of the setup, maintenance, and optimization of AI Chatbots and Property Info Apps, freeing you from the burden of managing these tools and allowing hosts like you to focus on your business.


Create & Customize your Property Info App!

With MyStayGuide's Property Info Apps, you have complete control over the theme, layout, and content of your personalized website (app). Showcase your property and enhance guest experiences with user-friendly design tools, photo galleries, descriptions, buttons, and interactive elements like weather widgets, Google Maps, social media integration, and more.


Design your website with intuitive tools and tailor it to your preferences.


Improve guest experiences by providing valuable information about your property and nearby attractions.

Easy Setup

Customize themes, layouts, and drag-and-drop content with our intuitive design tools.

Easy Sharing

Generate and print QR Codes for easy access to your Property Info App.

Try it out! 👇

Type a question and Saige will answer with the power of AI ✨

Couldn't get a good response? Don't worry!

You can always improve your knowledge base to get tailored answers! 🧠

Your AI will eventually know EVERYTHING about you and your property for future interactions with guests. 💯


24/7 Multilingual AI Chatbot: Your Property's Ultimate Personal Assistant

With our 24/7 AI Chatbot, your property gains a personal assistant that offers continuous guest support and manages all property-related inquiries, freeing up property owners to concentrate on their core responsibilities. What’s more, our AI Chatbot supports over 100 languages, ensuring that guests from diverse backgrounds can receive assistance in their preferred language, enhancing their overall experience at the property.


Seemless Guest Experience with MyStayGuide

MyStayGuide revolutionizes the guest experience by providing property owners and guests with a seamless and efficient solution. Through AI Chatbots and Property Info Apps, property owners can deliver round-the-clock support and essential information to their guests. Meanwhile, guests can effortlessly access property details and assistance via a quick QR code scan or a simple link, ensuring easy and fast access to the information they need.


Streamline Your Property Management Experience with MyStayGuide

Discover the convenience and accessibility of MyStayGuide. Our AI Chatbots and Property Info Apps provide 24/7 support and personalized property information, enhancing the guest experience.


Seamless Property Management: Customize, Update, and Manage, Anytime, Anywhere

Effortlessly customize your guest experience with MyStayGuide. Update AI Chatbots knowledge bases and personalize Property Info Apps seamlessly from your desktop or mobile device. Tailor every aspect of your guests’ stay for a memorable and hassle-free experience.

Here are the features!

AI Chatbots

AI Chatbots provide 24/7 support, ensuring that guests receive timely and consistent information, creating a more efficient and reliable communication channel for property managers and hosts.

Property Info Apps

By scanning a QR Code or clicking a link, your guests get easy access to a mobile-friendly website that has all the essential property details, local recommendations, and how-to guides.

Digital Guidebooks

Add realistic flippable guidebooks to your Property Info Apps with a simple PDF. Share property information, local recommendations, and how-to guides with guests.

Interactive Elements

Create an engaging stay for guests with interactive elements like local attraction galleries, intuitive buttons for essential information, real-time weather updates, curated recommendations, and Google Maps for easy navigation.

Multi-language Support

Supports over 100 languages, ensuring that guests from diverse backgrounds can receive assistance in their preferred language.


Take care of the setup, maintenance, and optimization of AI Chatbots and Property Info Apps, freeing hosts from the burden of managing these tools and allowing them to focus on strategic business growth initiatives.

Customizable Branding

Tailor the guest experience by customizing the branding to match the property’s unique identity, creating a cohesive and personalized stay for guests. Personalize your Property Info Apps the way you want.

QR Code & Link Access

Offer guests a hassle-free experience with a single page, mobile-friendly web app. No downloading is needed. With a QR Code or link, they'll have everything at their fingertips for a delightful stay.

Local Affiliate Offers

Get more revenue by collaborating with local business and providing guests with exclusive local offers, discounts, and recommendations, enhancing their overall experience and satisfaction during their stay.

Collect Guest Emails

Collect guest emails for direct bookings on repeat customers. Great for future marketing and communication, allowing hosts to build long-term relationships with their guests.

Check out what clients say

"MyStayGuide's digital guidebooks are a total lifesaver for us. They've cut down on guest questions, made communication a breeze, and saved us a bunch of time. The cool interactive stuff and personalized content have even boosted our reviews and made our guests super happy. Long story short, MyStayGuide has totally leveled up our property management game, making guests happier and our operations smoother."

Leigh Walden

STR Co-host

"MyStayGuide's cool AI chatbots and property info apps have totally transformed how we run things. Now, we can answer guest questions super quickly, which means we don't need as many support agents working around the clock. Not only has this saved us a ton of time, but it's also made our guests way happier. It's like having a super helpful sidekick for any property manager. Thanks to MyStayGuide, we can now put our energy into adding more awesome properties to our lineup."

Jason Reyes

Property Manager

"Using MyStayGuide has been a game-changer for my Airbnb hosting journey. The AI Chatbots and Property Info Apps cut down the time I spend dealing with guest questions, and they've really amped up the overall guest experience. With the Done-For-You service handling some of the heavy lifting, I can now put my energy into growing my hosting gig and making it even better. It's made hosting way more efficient and rewarding for me."

Madeline Ezell



What is an AI Chatbot?

An AI Chatbot is an automated system that uses natural language processing to provide information about a property. It operates 24/7 and can answer questions related to the property's amenities, location, and more.

What is a Property Info App?

A Property Info App is a customizable website that serves as an online property guide. It allows property managers to provide guests with information about the property, local attractions, and more. It also integrates seamlessly with our AI Chatbot.

How can I access the AI Chatbot?

You can access the AI Chatbot through a QR code or a direct link provided by the property manager. Simply scan the QR code with your phone or click on the link to access the Chatbot on the property's website.

How does it benefit hosts?

Our AI Chatbot and Property Info App services help hosts streamline communication, reduce customer support tickets, and enhance guest experiences. This allows hosts to focus on growing their business and improving their offerings.

Can I customize the Property Info App?

Yes, you can customize the Property Info App to match your branding and provide relevant information to your guests. Our user-friendly design tools make it easy to customize the theme, layout, and content of the app.

How can MyStayGuide benefit my property management?

MyStayGuide streamlines guest interactions, reduces manual communication, and enhances the overall guest experience through features like Property Info Apps, AI Chatbots, Digital Guidebooks, and various Interactive elements.

Can Property Info Apps be personalized to match my property’s branding?

Yes, MyStayGuide offers customizable branding, allowing you to tailor the guest experience to match your property’s unique identity, creating a cohesive and personalized stay for guests.

What languages are supported by the AI Chatbots?

MyStayGuide's AI Chatbots supports over 100 languages, ensuring a seamless experience for international guests in their preferred language.

What are the key benefits of using Property Info Apps for my property?

Property Info Apps provide a customizable website for AI Chatbots, offering in-property information, local recommendations, and how-to guides, accessible via a unique link or QR code, making it easy to access and portable for guests. This platform allows property owners to streamline guest interactions, reduce manual communication, and enhance the overall guest experience, ultimately freeing hosts from the burden of constant guest inquiries and allowing them to focus on strategic business growth initiatives.

How do AI Chatbots benefit property owners and hosts?

AI Chatbots provided by MyStayGuide eliminate friction in communication, significantly reducing customer support tickets and allowing hosts to cut down on the need for numerous support agents and operational hours. This enables property owners to redirect their energy toward strategic business growth initiatives, refine their offerings, amplify their marketing efforts, and expand their property portfolios, ultimately freeing hosts from the burden of constant guest inquiries and allowing them to focus on building a thriving, scalable business in the hospitality industry.

What sets MyStayGuide apart from other guidebook platforms?

MyStayGuide stands out from other guidebook platforms with key features, providing a comprehensive solution for property owners and hosts. Integration of AI Chatbots and Property Info Apps enables swift responses to guest inquiries, reducing support tickets and operational hours. Customizable branding fosters a unique and personalized guest experience, aligning with the property's identity. MyStayGuide caters to international guests with AI Chatbots that support over 100 languages, as well as offering personalized guidebooks. Its comprehensive features, including interactive maps and widgets and local recommendations, create an immersive guest experience. Seamless integration with property management platforms enhances efficiency. By prioritizing guest experience and minimizing host burdens, MyStayGuide empowers hosts to focus on strategic business growth initiatives, building a thriving hospitality business. Collectively, these features position MyStayGuide as a leading guidebook platform, enhancing guest experiences and streamlining operations for hosts.

How do I create the knowledge base for the AI Chatbot?

To create the knowledge base for the AI Chatbot, you need to provide all the necessary and important information about your property. This includes details such as property amenities, rules, check-in instructions, and any other relevant information that guests may need to know. Our intuitive platform makes it easy for you to input and organize this information, ensuring that the AI Chatbot can provide accurate and helpful responses to guest inquiries.

How can I customize the Property Info App?

Our Property Info App offers a range of customization options to help you create a personalized website for your guests. You can customize themes, layouts, and content, including sections for photos, descriptions, buttons, and interactive maps. With the flexibility to add multiple sections and tailor the website to your preferences, you can enhance the guest experience by providing valuable information about your property and nearby attractions.

How do guests access the AI Chatbot?

Guests can access the AI Chatbot in two ways. They can either scan a QR code that is provided at the property or access it via a link shared by the property owner. Both methods will take them to the same website where the AI Chatbot is located, along with other property information. The QR code can be printed and displayed at the property, while the link can be shared directly with guests after they have booked.

Can guests use the AI Chatbot for actions or requests?

No, the AI Chatbot is strictly informational and does not perform actions or fulfill requests. It is designed to answer questions about the property using natural language. Guests can ask about property details, amenities, rules, and other related information. However, it cannot contact the property manager for them, arrange repairs, or place orders for additional items like towels or bed sheets.

Is the AI Chatbot always available?

Yes, the AI Chatbot is available 24/7 to answer guest inquiries. Whether it's day or night, guests can rely on the AI Chatbot to provide prompt and accurate responses to their questions about the property. This ensures that guests have access to the information they need at any time, enhancing their overall experience during their stay.


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