Your local knowledge on your guest's phone.
Learn what your guests like to do when they stay with you.

Provide all of your local knowledge in an easy-to-use app that your guests can use wherever they are.

Answer questions such as "What local walks do you recommend and what routes do we take?", "What do we do with our rubbish?", "How does the TV work?" or "Where is the nearest take away?".

An essential tool for owners of holiday rentals such as cottages, apartments, boats and campers. An added "wow" for your guests and a perfect companion during their stay.

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No app to download and install, just visit the app web page and all information is downloaded automatically. This means that the app can even be used when offline and out of range of wifi or roaming coverage.

Invite your guests to visit your myStayGuide page for instant access.
Click the map information and be directed to their map application to show locations, distances and directions.
Mark the locations that they visit to build a list of what they did on holiday - and share by email or Facebook.
Send you feedback directly to your inbox.
Inform you of any maintenance required on the property.
The app is simple to set up and maintain
- online, offline and hard-copy.
Open the app to anyone.
  • Publish the unique web link on your web site.
  • Print the QR code and leave in your property for guests to use when they arrive.
Get to know your guests.
  • Create guest accounts to understand what they like to do.
  • Enter their dates of stay to make sure the app is open to the guest before they arrive and access is closed once they leave.
  • Inform you who has accessed the app. The app does not track what they do within the app (that would be a bit scary).
  • Learn which of your recommendations your guests visit. This will help you to refine and target your marketing.
Manage what information appears in the app that your guest can see.
  • You create categories with your choice of icon and the items within the category.
  • For the recommended places, you also add the contact details and map locations.
  • Upload images to add to your descriptions.
  • Link to maps, Facebook and Trip Adviser.
Print the information for your welcome book or embed it in your web site.
  • Publish the information on your web site to add further details about your property.
  • Print the information and include this in your hard-copy welcome book for guests without smartphones or tablets.
  • You only need update your information in one place.
Feedback and social media. Provide your guests with the app, and they can help you in return.
  • Share their itinerary on Facebook to tell others about your property.
  • Recommend places of their own that they have discovered.
  • Provide feedback and maintenance information direct to your inbox.
For the owner with
one property
  • Create a single welcome book.
  • Unlimited information categories and items.
  • Change your information when you need to.
  • Select a colour scheme to complement your branding.
  • Upload your logo or property photo to make your app special.
  • Embed selected information in your web site.
  • Print hard-copies of your welcome book.
For the owner with
several properties
Everything in the Solo version plus:
  • Create up to 3 welcome books.
  • Manage guest access to protect sensitive information.
  • Learn what your guests like to do.
  • Export reports of guest feedback and app usage.
  • Priority email support from a human being.
For professional
property managers
contact us
Everything in the Plus version plus:
  • Manage your portfolio in one place
  • Create unlimited welcome books.
  • Reports on app usage and sharing activity.
  • Localise the welcome book to English, French and Spanish.
  • Add your brand to each welcome book.
About us
Our experience of running our own self-catering accommodation business has taught us that guests are demanding that more and more information is available digitally.

Our cottages are in a small village with poor internet and mobile signal, so we needed a way to deliver our local knowledge, tips and recommendations to our guests whether they have internet connection or not.

We use this app to deliver important information to our guests and as they check which places they have visited, we get to know what they like to do. We then use this information to adjust our marketing strategy by season to appeal to like-minded people and increase our booking rates.

We also get feedback and suggestions for other recommended locations through the app - as well as the traditional hand-written comments in our Welcome Book.

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