Simplify Property Management with AI Chatbots

The AI Chatbot feature is a powerful tool designed to enhance guest experience and streamline communication for property managers and hosts.

Integrated within the Property Info App, the AI Chatbot provides instant responses to guest inquiries, ensuring seamless support and satisfaction.


Seamless Communication

The AI Chatbot streamlines communication by providing instant responses to guest inquiries, reducing customer support tickets and the need for multiple support agents and operational hours.

Enhanced Guest Experience

The AI Chatbot empowers guests to easily access information and support making their stay more enjoyable and convenient.

Time and Resource Efficiency

The AI Chatbot helps property managers save time, resources, and increase profits, allowing them to focus on business growth and expanding their property portfolios.

Customization Options


Give your chatbot a friendly name and upload a picture that represents your chatbot, adding a visual touch to the conversation and making it more relatable.

Pick a color that resonates with your brand or sets the right mood, ensuring alignment with the property’s branding and theme.

Guest Interaction Information

Specify the hours during which a real person will be available for support for guests, setting clear expectations for immediate assistance.


Guest Accessibility

Guests can access the AI Chatbot either by scanning a QR code or accessing it via a provided link, ensuring seamless accessibility for guests.

Instant Responses

The AI Chatbot provides seamless, instant responses to guests’ inquiries, reducing the need for customer support tickets and ensuring efficient communication.

Communication Channels

The AI Chatbot provides various communication methods for guests to contact the property manager or team directly, enhancing the overall guest experience.


Property Knowledge Bases

Property Knowledge Bases act as all-encompassing information repositories for your properties.

They enhance guest experiences, streamline communication, and empower AI chatbots by organizing detailed property insights for seamless and enjoyable stays.


Ready to improve guest experience and communication efficiency at your property?

Utilize AI Chatbots with your Property Info Apps today and start reaping the rewards of seamless communication and enhanced guest satisfaction.